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Bonamici Calls for Expedited Relocation of Afghans

August 20, 2021

We must do all we can to safely evacuate every American and as many Afghans as possible whose lives are at risk under Taliban rule. I joined Congresswoman Grace Meng and others in calling on President Biden to expedite the relocation of Afghans who assisted the U.S. and our allies, women’s rights leaders, journalists, and others who are in danger. 


I have long called for our troops to be withdrawn from Afghanistan, but we must do all we can to help our allies and vulnerable individuals during the withdrawal and after if necessary. I am profoundly grateful for the courageous and selfless actions of all our servicemembers and diplomats currently there on the ground. I have been contacted by constituents who have family or friends trying to get out of the country safely, and I share their deep concern and sense of urgency. 


We can help more Afghans get to safety quickly and without unnecessary delays by accepting vetted refugees and expediting Special Immigrant Visas, Priority 2 visas, and humanitarian parole. We must also make humanitarian aid a priority for those who have been displaced and lack access to food, shelter, and health care.


Oregon stands ready to welcome refugees from Afghanistan, and I will work to get them the support they need. I will also keep advocating for diplomatic efforts to protect the human rights of those who remain in Afghanistan—including women and girls—and to reduce violence and instability.