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Bonamici Statement on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Rule to Censor Science

January 5, 2021

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR), a leader on the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, released the following statement after the Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency finalized its Strengthening Transparency in Pivotal Science rule.

“The Trump Administration’s final rule to censor science at the Environmental Protection Agency is an unprecedented attack on science and our nation’s bedrock public health and environmental standards. By precluding the use of the best available science in making decisions that affect the health of our communities and planet, the Trump Administration’s rule is counter the mission of the EPA - to protect public health and the environment - and endangers every person who benefits from clean air and clean water. It is unacceptable, but not surprising, that the anti-science Trump Administration is using its last weeks in office to finalize this blatant effort to disrespect and dismiss science, even during a global pandemic. I have joined scientists and public health experts from across the country in opposing this proposal since it originated as a bill in the Science Committee years ago. It is disappointing and dangerous that the Trump Administration has ignored the overwhelming opposition to this rule, including concerns from its own Science Advisory Board. I will work with the Biden-Harris Administration on day one to reverse this egregious rule and restore scientific integrity across federal agencies.”

Bonamici has long been a vocal opponent of the Trump Administration’s Censored Science rule and similar legislative proposals. She led her colleagues in opposing the Secret Science Reform Act and the HONEST Act, legislative iterations of the proposed rule that the Science Committee considered but Congress did not pass. She testified at the EPA against the proposed Censored Science rule, led her colleagues in sending a letter to the EPA in opposition to the proposed rule, and questioned Administrator Wheeler on the proposal. The House passed Bonamici’s amendment to increase funding for the EPA’s Science Advisory Board to comprehensively review the proposed rule. Bonamici also called for an independent review of the proposal from the National Academy of Sciences.