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House Adopts Bonamici Amendment to Scrutinize EPA’s Proposed Rule to Ignore Science

June 20, 2019
Press Release


WASHINGTON, DC [6/20/19] – Today the House passed an amendment offered by Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) to provide funding for the Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board to scrutinize a proposed rule that would force the Agency to ignore valuable scientific information.


Bonamici, a member of the Select Committee on the Climate Crisis and the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, offered the amendment to increase funding for the EPA’s Science Advisory Board (SAB) by $500,000 to comprehensively review the proposed Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science rule, also known as the so-called “Secret Science Rule.”


The proposed rule would require that science informing EPA’s regulatory actions be made publicly available to allow for independent validation, regardless of whether it contains personal information or confidential data. It is opposed by thousands of scientists and many leading scientific organizations.


Bonamici spoke in support of her amendment on the House floor. A video of her remarks can be found here.


“As a cornerstone of its regulatory process, the EPA relies on peer-reviewed science,” Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici said on the House floor. “Unfortunately, the proposed Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science rule would preclude the use of the best available science.


“The rule undermines scientific integrity, jeopardizes bedrock public health and environmental standards, and endangers the EPA’s ability to fulfill its mission. It would impede, if not eradicate, the Agency’s work to protect Americans from significant risks to human health and the environment.


“Not surprisingly, the EPA ignored science when developing this proposed rule. The EPA failed to consult with their own Office of Science Advisor and they limited the Science Advisory Board in the scope of its review.


“The proposed rule would have chilling consequences for the EPA and every person who benefits from clean air and clean water. This amendment will direct the Science Advisory Board to provide a comprehensive review of the entire proposed rule before it is finalized. We must defend science.”


Representatives Paul Tonko (D-NY), Mikie Sherrill (D-NJ), and Lizzie Fletcher (D-TX) co-sponsored the amendment. It would increase funding for SAB by $500,000 and decrease funding for the EPA Executive Management and Operations account by $500,000.


Bonamici has long been a vocal opponent of efforts to undermine or ignore science. She testified at the EPA against the proposed Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science rule, and joined her colleagues in sending a letter to the EPA in opposition to the proposed rule. She led 97of her colleagues in opposing plans to eliminate the EPA’s Office of the Science Advisor.