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Bonamici hails International Trade Commission ruling on illegal Chinese dumping

November 7, 2012
Press Release


Portland, Ore.—Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici (OR-1) applauded the decision by the International Trade Commission (ITC) to affirm penalties against Chinese solar cell and panel manufacturers in response to their flooding the U.S. market with cheap, illegally subsidized solar products. After Bonamici led a group of 18 members of Congress in calling on the ITC to prevent Chinese solar manufacturers from unfairly dumping subsidized products, the ITC unanimously ruled today that Chinese imports of crystalline silicon solar cells and panels have harmed American manufacturers and will be subject to anti-subsidy and anti-dumping duties.  Despite this positive step, however, the final determination by the ITC leaves intact a loophole that may allow Chinese manufacturers to skirt the tariffs by simply outsourcing one step of the production process to another country.  Congresswoman Bonamici expressed concern about the so-called “scope” of the case in her letter to the ITC, and will continue to monitor the issue. 


“Today’s decision by the International Trade Commission is an important step in creating a fair and competitive market for the American solar energy industry,” said Bonamici. “Domestic solar panel and component producers create good jobs here in the U.S. while developing innovative products that will help secure our global renewable energy future. There is more work to be done, of course, to prevent Chinese manufacturers from circumventing our tariffs, but this ruling diminishes the unfair advantage held by imported solar panels and cells and promotes healthy competition that will drive the industry toward more efficient and cost-effective products.”


Oregon is the largest photovoltaic manufacturing state in the nation, with production capacity exceeding 600 MW annually. 


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