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Working Together, Fighting for Seniors

I often hear from Oregonians who care for aging parents while balancing work responsibilities and raising their children. One of the challenges they face is protecting a loved one from scams. As a former consumer protection attorney, I know that people with bad intentions frequently take advantage of older Americans.

In Congress I serve as a leader of the bipartisan Elder Justice Caucus, where I am fighting to help victims of fraud, hold scammers accountable, and recover stolen money for our seniors. 

Resources are available to you and your family if you need help. A call to my Beaverton office is a great place to start: 503-469-6010. You can also email me here. Below are some helpful websites and telephone numbers for organizations that can help you and your family.

Resources for Seniors and Families:

Keeping seniors safe is about more than just protecting people from fraud. As your representative, I am also working to protect and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. These programs are earned benefits that help seniors live their lives with dignity. And because expensive prescription drugs are often a barrier to staying healthy, I am fighting to lower costs by supporting a bill that would allow Medicare to negotiate for better prices.

Whether you’re retired, saving for retirement, or caring for an elderly family member, my office is here to help. As a caregiver for my 90-year-old mother, I know how important it is to support and care for seniors.