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House lawmakers introduce bill to help those struggling with student debt

July 22, 2019
In The News

A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation in the House to help those with student loans avoid defaulting on their debt.

The Streamlining Income-driven, Manageable Payments on Loans for Education Act — or The SIMPLE Act — would help people who cannot afford full loan payments, are in danger of defaulting, have defaulted before or have disabilities. It will implement automatic processes to send information to the Treasury Department to fill out paperwork for borrowers in these circumstances who may need options for their loans, like income-driven repayment plans, according to a summary of the bill on the website of Rep. Suzanne Bonamici’s (D-Ore.), the bill's author.

“Too many people are struggling to make payments on burdensome student loans even though there are federal programs available to help,” Bonamici said in a press release. “The bipartisan SIMPLE Act will streamline the enrollment process for income-driven repayment plans, making it easier for borrowers to access affordable payments and avoid the catastrophic effects of default. This legislation is an important step to support those who have invested their time and resources in bettering their future through education.”