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Merkley, Bonamici decry cannabis decision

January 15, 2018
In The News

Sen. Jeff Merkley released the following statement after reports that Attorney General Jeff Sessions will rescind key federal policy that has effectively allowed states to determine their own cannabis laws:

“This is a destructive decision and a huge step backwards. Whatever happened to Attorney General Sessions’ belief in states’ rights? This decision directly contradicts then-candidate Trump’s statement on cannabis policy that ‘it should be up to the states, absolutely.’


“There is nothing to be gained from going back to an era when federal resources were wasted prosecuting nonviolent cannabis crimes. This decision will create massive uncertainty, hurt local businesses and tax revenue, and harm public safety by driving cannabis activity back into the more dangerous black market. The Justice Department should immediately reverse this misguided decision and honor Trump’s campaign commitment, and I will keep fighting to make this happen.”

Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) also responded to the Sessions’ reversal of federal policy regarding states that have legalized the use of marijuana:


“Oregon voters have spoken, and the federal government must respect the will of the states that have legalized the use of marijuana. The Department of Justice has much more important things to focus on than prosecuting licensed, legitimate businesses. We should be working together to respect state laws, make implementation as smooth as possible, and support businesses that are adding jobs and tax revenue to Oregon. Attorney General Sessions’ misguided efforts to restore the failed War on Drugs by prosecuting Oregon businesses is a waste of taxpayer money that will harm communities.