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Time has come to address gun violence in schools

February 20, 2019
In The News

As a congresswoman and a student activist with a generation between us, we may have different perspectives, but we both agree wholeheartedly that we cannot accept gun violence as normal. Every day, 100 people lose their lives to gun violence. That is tragic and unacceptable. We must take action.

In the wake of so many tragic shootings in our schools, a new generation of student leaders from Oregon to Florida are bravely speaking up and making their voices heard about the policies we need to protect our communities from senseless gun violence. Students today don't know a time before Columbine (the 1999 mass shooting at a high school in Colorado). For them, mass shooting exercises are just as routine as fire drills. They enter classrooms and, as one Beaverton student told the audience at a town hall meeting, look for "where to hide and how to escape."

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