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Bonamici Highlights Benefits of Family-Friendly Workplace Policies

December 6, 2017
Press Release


WASHINGTON, DC [12/06/17] — Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR), a leader on the House Education and Workforce Committee, highlighted Oregon’s leadership on family-friendly workplace policies that provide workers with paid sick days and predictable schedules. During a hearing on workplace leave policies, Bonamici highlighted Oregon laws and how Oregon businesses are adapting and thriving. Bonamici fought back against calls for a federal policy that would impede Oregon’s ability to implement its family-friendly workplace laws, and—in the case of sick days—could strip workplace benefits that Oregonians currently have.

You can watch Congresswoman Bonamici’s questions here.

“Oregon has been a national leader in passing legislation to provide workers with paid sick days and predictable schedules,” said Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici. “Oregonians can now earn and use job-protected sick time to care for themselves or a family member, making Oregon a better place for families to live and work. Importantly, family-friendly policies help businesses recruit and retain good, loyal employees, which decreases turnover and the costs associated with hiring and retraining a workforce. Simply put, a healthy, happy workforce is good for business.”

Bonamici continued, “We have heard members on the other side of the aisle discuss a bill that purports to provide workplace flexibility, but could instead eliminate and undermine sick leave and other policies for workers in Oregon and around the country. The proposed bill will stifle innovation in state legislatures and local governments, and will restrict their ability to do the right thing for their constituents.”

In Congress, Bonamici is an advocate for family-friendly workplace policies that keep pace with the changing workforce. She called President Trump’s paid leave plan “woefully inadequate,” and called on him to replace it with a policy that will help families who are struggling to make ends meet. Bonamici is also focused on supporting working families through raising stagnant wages, making sure workers have predictable schedules, increasing access to affordable, high-quality child care, and helping workers save for a secure retirement.

Bonamici supports the Healthy Families Act to set a national paid sick days standard. The bill would allow workers at businesses with more than fifteen employees to earn up to seven job-protected paid sick days a year, and workers at smaller companies to earn seven unpaid, job-protected sick days. Paid sick days give working families the job stability and economic security they need to care for their family’s health.

Bonamici also supports the Family and Medical Insurance Leave (FAMILY) Act, which would give eligible employees partial wage replacement for up to 12 weeks per year. Under the FAMILY Act, workers could take paid leave for the same reasons that they can take unpaid leave now under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA). FMLA covers workers when they have a serious health issue (including pregnancy or childbirth); when they care for a parent, spouse, domestic partner, or child; and when they care for a new child.