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Bonamici Praises Passage of Bill to End Forced Arbitration

September 20, 2019
Press Release


WASHINGTON, DC [9/20/19] – Today Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) joined the House of Representatives in passing legislation that would end forced arbitration, allowing access to the court system for consumers and workers to settle disputes with corporations.


The Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal (FAIR) Act, H.R. 1423, would prohibit the use of arbitration clauses in contracts involving consumer, employment, antitrust, and civil rights disputes. Consumers and employees are at a disadvantage in these private systems, and they often do not have a choice when entering into contracts with forced arbitration provisions. Consumers and employees deserve their full legal rights under the law, and forced arbitration clauses undermine their rights and the judicial system.


“Workers, consumers, and families have been bound by unfair forced arbitration agreements for too long,” said Rep. Suzanne Bonamici. “Arbitration clauses are unjust when there is disparity in bargaining power between the parties. Individuals deserve their day in court, and forced arbitration clauses deny them access to justice. Today the House took an important step to protect consumers by passing the FAIR Act, which will abolish mandatory forced arbitration provisions in contracts involving consumer, employment, antitrust, and civil rights disputes. I urge the Senate to swiftly pass this bill so Americans have full access to their legal rights.”


Bonamici is a steadfast advocate for stronger consumer protections. In Congress, she has stood up for stronger consumer protections for student loan borrowers, taken on predatory lenders, and called attention to the serious problem of scammers targeting seniors. Last October, the Federal Aviation Administration created the new position of Aviation Consumer Advocate through a provision led by Bonamici.