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Bonamici Stands for Right to Privacy for Americans, Votes Against Problematic FISA Surveillance Authorities

January 11, 2018
Press Release


WASHINGTON, DC [01/11/18] – Today Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) voted against a bill reauthorizing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Under FISA, US government agencies have broad authority to monitor certain communications between Americans and individuals overseas. Bonamici also voted against FISA’s reauthorization in 2012 and issued the following statement after today’s vote:

“We all want the nation to be secure, but Americans’ privacy rights must not be sacrificed while protecting national security,” said Bonamici. “Our intelligence gathering infrastructure and the laws governing it need to strike a careful balance between national security and an individual’s right to privacy. This bill does not properly achieve that balance. It raises serious concerns about the potential for abusive warrantless searches that would undermine Americans’ Fourth Amendment rights. I’m disappointed that the House did not agree to bipartisan reforms to address those concerns.

“In an increasingly connected world, it is critical that the American government respect the privacy rights of Americans while protecting national security. I cannot support reauthorization without stronger safeguards to prevent the unconstitutional collection and use of our private communications.”