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Bonamici Statement on US-Led Airstrikes in Syria

April 14, 2018
Press Release


WASHINGTON, DC [04/14/18] - Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) issued the following statement after a US-led coalition launched airstrikes on Syrian targets:

"The recent chemical attack on innocent Syrian civilians was an abhorrent violation of international law and human decency. The international community must come together to respond to continued atrocities by the Assad regime, but we need a strategy to do so.

"Yesterday I joined a bipartisan group of colleagues in calling on the Administration to request an Authorization for the Use of Military Force for actions in Syria. In these circumstances, the Constitution and the War Powers Act require Congress, not the President, to consider whether to authorize the use of military force.

“We must have a strategic plan to work toward peace in the region. In addition to seeking a congressional debate on the use of our military, the Administration must end its efforts to undermine the State Department and return to robust engagement with the international community through diplomacy. With my colleagues, I will continue working for a clear path forward that responsibly considers what we ask of our brave men and women in uniform.”