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Press Releases

March 2, 2021 Press Release
House Passed American Rescue Plan Last Week to Crush the COVID-19 Virus and Get the Economy Moving with Shots in Arms, Money in Pockets, Children in Schools and People in Jobs
Families and individuals in our communities have been pushed to the brink by the pandemic, and they need our support to recover and build back better.
March 1, 2021 Press Release
Army Corps of Engineers funding would boost local economies, improve public safety
Oregon’s 23 public ports are a key component in sustaining Oregon’s economy and quality of life, including in our state’s most rural areas.
March 1, 2021 Press Release
Bill Will Strengthen Research and Response to Ocean Acidification
The health of our ocean reflects the health of our planet, and for too long the ocean has been taking the heat for us. My COAST Research Act will expand the scientific research and monitoring to help coastal communities.
March 1, 2021 Press Release
Request to congressional appropriators notes major damage from recent winter weather with record numbers of Oregonians left without power
This storm left power lines and trees coated in ice, both of which brought down power lines when they snapped under the additional weight, broke utility poles, and blocked roads.
February 26, 2021 Press Release
Our communities need more help. The American Rescue Plan will give security to struggling families, hope to business owners, and fuel to our vaccination efforts.
February 25, 2021 Press Release
Legislation expands non-discrimination protections to LGBTQ Americans nationwide
Our LGBTQ friends, neighbors, colleagues, and community members should not miss an educational opportunity, or be denied housing, credit, or health care because of who they are or who they love.
February 22, 2021 Press Release
A quality public education system provides students with the opportunity to reach their full potential, and it strengthens our communities and economy.
February 19, 2021 Press Release
We all want students and educators back in schools, but they need resources to make sure everyone is safe.
February 19, 2021 Press Release
Oregon would receive estimated $406M for child care under Bonamici-backed American Rescue Plan
As a mother of two, I know how essential quality child care is for working families, children, and our economy.
February 18, 2021 Press Release
We have an opportunity and an obligation to solve the climate crisis, and it is an honor to continue serving as a senior member of the Science, Space, and Technology Committee at this critical time when we will advance bold policies to protect our planet.